The bought child –
Pregnancy on behalf of someone else

WDR 3, 60 min. ( 2007)
Being a surrogate mother is prohibited by law – that’s what the lawbooks say. Yet the black market flourishes in the anonymity of the internet. That’s where Hildegard and Anton ran into Sarah. The conception of their child took place in a toilet with the help of an enema syringe. Hildegard and Anton don’t tell a soul about this, not even their parents. The child is supposed to see the light of day in the utmost secrecy. Yet the fact that they are unable to make a contract with Sarah because it would be unethical and invalid means that the couple also has no security that the surrogate mother is actually going to hand over the baby following birth.
The case is completely different with Ole and Ingrid, who found a surrogate mother in Ukraine. Surrogate motherships are legal there, and the surrogate mother can be contractually obligated to renounce all rights to the child. The insemination takes place at a clinic, which also monitors that the surrogate mother doesn’t smoke or drink alcohol during pregnancy. After birth the surrogate mother’s name is going to be stricken from the birth certificate and replaced by Ingrid’s name as the mother. That way the child is brought to Germany without the German authorities being able to detect a violation of law.

Production WDR 2007,
Executive Producer: Dorothea Runge,
Director: Hans-Jürgen Schunk