The dirty end of the luxury liner France -
The poisonous side of an environmentally friendly means of transport

Leonardo, 5 June 2007, 4:05 p.m.
The consumption of fossil, in other words climatically harmful, fuels in shipping is low as measured in tonne kilometres. That’s why transport on the high seas is regarded as environmentally friendly. more...


The bought child –
Pregnancy on behalf of someone else

WDR 3, 60 min. ( 2007)
Being a surrogate mother is prohibited by law – that’s what the lawbooks say. Yet the black market flourishes in the anonymity of the internet. That’s where Hildegard and Anton ran into Sarah. The conception of their child took place in a toilet with the help of an enema syringe.more...


The obligation of generations. Or: Who
takes care of the elderly – An international comparison

SWR 2, 19 Dec. 2006, 30 min.
In the future, more demands are supposed to be placed on the grown-up children of those who require nursing care in old age but can‘t afford it. This proposal from the German CDU Party has been criticised from many sides. Yet what kind of stance have other countries taken? Where does responsibility for taking care of the elderly lie more with the government, where with the younger generation?more...


Population development

SWR 2, 25 Apr. 2005, 30 min.
Why is the population shrinking more severely in some European countries than in others? Why are France and Sweden successfully managing to convince young families to have children? more..


Fear of the child. Or: How
politics increases fertility

WDR 3, 13 Dec. 2005, 60 min.
Why are France and Sweden successfully managing to convince young families to have children? Why is the population shrinking in Germany and Italy? Around mid-century, France is going to have more inhabitants than Germany for the first time. more...

Shrinking Germany. Or: The
German mother doesn’t want to any more

WDR 3, 29 Apr. 2002,60 min.

One day - one ship - one dead body –
Ship graveyards in India

WDR 3, 20 Dec. 2000, 60 min.

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World Nutrition Summit:
Strategies to combat hunger in the world

WDR 5 / Leonardo 13 Dec. 2001

Gene revolution and world hunger: Is genetic engineering filling the stomachs of the

SWR 2 Wissen, 24 Sept. 2001