Taste the Waste - In Japan
Steuerzahlerbund NRW 2010:Awardees Valentin Thurn and Caroline Nokel with Jury-Member Bernd Müller and Georg Lampen, Head of the BdSt Nordrhein-Westfalen.

Journalism Awards for Valentin Thurn

Winner of "Best Documentary" for "10 Billion" at the 2015 Peace& Love Festival in Örebro, Sweden.

Lammsbräu Sustainability Award 2014 for Thurn's dedication to social and eco-political issues. Especially regarding the documentary "Taste the Waste" and the online platform "foodsharing.de".

Second prize at the Alternative Media Award 2014 in the category "Video" for the documentary "Less is more" (Karin de Miguel Wessendorf)

econsense journalism award 2013 for Valentin Thurn's documentary "foodsavers"

First prize in the enviromental section for "Taste the Waste" at ImagéSanté Festival, 2012, Liège, Belgium

Prix Italia's Special Prize in der Expo2015 section for"Frisch auf den Müll", Italy

First prize , Best film 2011 "Taste the Waste" at ATLANTIS Natur und Umweltfilmfest Wiesbaden, Germany

Dokumentary prize 2011 for "Taste the Waste" at the 37th EKOFILM International Film Festival on the Environment and Natural and Cultural Heritage, Czech Republic

GRAND PRIX EKOTOPFILM 2011, Prize of the Government of the Slovak 38th International Festival of Sustainable Development Films for "Taste the Waste"– Ekotopfilm 2011, Slovakia

Honorable Admission of "Taste the Waste" in the enviromental section, Sun Child Festival 2011, Armenia

Enviromental Mediaprize of "Deutschen Umwelthilfe" 2011 for "Taste the Waste", Germany

Plaquette of the International Scientific Film Festival 2011, Szolnok, Ungary

Grand Prix, International Festival of Ecology and Environment Protection Films 2011, Marele Premiu Eco Fest Oradea, Romania

Nominated for International “Gold Panda” Award 2011 as "Best Documentary"in the category Nature and Enviroment for "Taste the Waste",  Sichuan TV Festival, China

Audience Award for "Taste the Waste", third place at the  Wunschfilm-Wettbewerb of the Thüringer Allgemeinen Zeitung (German newspaper), Germany

„Goldene Zwiebel“ for "Taste the Waste", Audience Award for Best Documentary of the Kommunales Kino in Esslingen, Germany

Hoimar-von-Ditfurth-Preis of Deutschen Umwelthilfe for"Taste the Waste". Awarded for best journalistic work (together with the feature "Radioaktive Wölfe"), Germany

Reader's Award 2011 of the readers of website: „Lovelybooks“ for “Die Essensvernichter” – the movie tie-in book of „Taste the Waste“, 3. place in the category non-fiction, Germany

Journalism Award  2010 from  Steuerzahlerbund NRW for the Radio-Feature „There is no scandal".

Nomination for the Deutscher Fernsehpreis 2006 (‘German Television Prize 2006’) in the category "Best feature" for the film “Ich bin Al Kaida” [‘I am Al Qaeda’].

Award for the “Best Documentary” at the international Filmfest Eberswalde competition in 2007 for the film “Mit meiner Tochter nicht!” [‘Not to My Daughter!’]. 

European ÖKOMEDIA Prize, awarded at the Ökomedia Filmfestival 2004 for the film “Der Arzt und die verstrahlten Kinder von Basra” [‘The Doctor and the Radiation-Contaminated Children of Basra’].

Felix-Rexhausen-Preis” (‘Felix Rexhausen Prize’) in 2003 from the German Union of Lesbian and Gay Journalists 2003 for the film “Papa liebt einen Mann” [‘Daddy Loves a Man’].   

2003 Medienpreis Entwicklungspolitik“ (‘Development Policy Media Prize’) from the German Federal Ministry for Economic Co-operation and Development, 2003 (1st Prize, category “Radio”) for the radio feature „Genes against hunger?”

Journalism Award from the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Geographie (‘German Society for Geography ’), 2001.

International Green Pen Award” from the Asia-Pacific Forum of Environmental Journalists, 1998.

“Prize for the most courageous film” at the Green Vision environmental film festival in St. Petersburg, Russia, 1997, for the film “Kahlschlag in der Taiga” [‘Clear-Cutting in the Taiga’].

“Prix Leonardo” at the international Medikinale Film Festival in Parma, Italy, 1995, for the film “Smog in Nordböhmen” [‘Smog in North Bohemia’].