THURNFILM was founded by journalist Valentin Thurn as an independent production company for documentaries.

Our main focus is to guarantee a consolidated examination of questions dealing with scientific, medical and environmental matters as well as current affairs. Most of the films produced bear the hallmarks of Valentin Thurn – either as author or director, at least as producer.

We want to open up new perspectives on living causes and current issues that have a social relevance. In so doing, we not only want to reveal what is happening in our environment, but furthermore to move something by getting active and showing, why it is worth taking action and how this can be done.

Central to our work is the cooperation with public-sector broadcasters in Germany as well as with international partners. We collaborate with TV stations like ARTE, 3sat, WDR, NDR and many more. Our films are screened around the world at renowned festivals and many of them have won important awards, including the ‘Hoimar-von-Ditfurth-Preis’ of the German ‘Umwelthilfe’ as well as the first prize of the ‘ImagéSanté Festival 2012’ in Liège, Belgium for the documentary "Taste the Waste“.

Our strength is to be a ‘one-stop shop’: we can provide everything from one source - idea, research, shooting and editing as well as the final production. Thanks to our in-house production we are able to produce independently and down-the-line.

Also, the development of innovative online-projects increasingly takes part of our field of action –a matter that is close to our heart.


Valentin Thurn

Director of documentaries for German and international TV channels.
Various national and international Journalism and Film Awards such as Prix Leonardo, Green Vision and Oekomedia.
The documentary about Zacarias Moussaoui (“I Am Al Qaeda”) has been nominated for the German TV Award 2006.
Other films include: “Not with my daughter!” about Female Genital Circumcision in Europe.
“Killer Germs” about bacteria resistant to antibiotics spreading in hospitals.
“Where Have All The Children Gone?” Why is Europe’s population shrinking?
“The Lord Of The Wolves” about a biologist investigating the hidden life of a wolf pack in Romania.
“My Father Wants To Kill Me” about so-called honor killings in migrant families in Germany and France.
Co-Founder of the International Federation of Environmental Journalists (IFEJ).
Based in Cologne, Germany. more...


Muriel Schulte

Production Manager at THURNFILM since 2014.

After her Master's degree in Comparative Literature, English and German Studies at the Rheinischen Friedrich-Wilhelms-Universität, Bonn, Muriel Schulte worked for various german TV-production companies such as filmpool, Radio Erft, mma meimedia association GmbH.

In 2013 Muriel worked as Production Coordinator for eyeworks Germany GmbH.

From 2009 - 2013 she worked as Videojournalist (news), Production Manager and Production Coordinator for in Cologne.


Laura-Johanne Zimmermann

As being responsible for the creative development and production management at THURNFILM since 2013, Laura has been involved in the development and production of several documentaries as recently 10 BILLION (2015), DEVELOPMENT AID (ARTE, in production), INKLUSION (WDR, in production), HERE AND THERE (cinema documentary, in production), DREAMERS (co-production with Schnittstelle Köln, cinema documentary, in development) and many others. In 2016 she takes part at the DCM with the project STILL LIFE (co-production with Mon Amour Film (IT), in development).

Laura has graduated in Audiovisual and Cinema Studies (M.A.) after studying in Austria, Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands and has been a trainee at the documentary editorial department of the public service broadcaster ARTE (2010) and 3sat (2011) as well as the documentary production MISCHIEF Films (2011) a.o.

She completed a number of extra occupational further trainings on the synergies of documentaries, new media and sociopolitical activism and has given lectures on this topic, too.





Doris Kovacevic

Since 2013 production manager at THURNFILM. Currently on maternity leave.


Karin de Miguel Wessendorf

Karin de Miguel Wessendorf is a freelance journalist and filmmaker since 2008. She works for SWR, NDR, RBB, WDR and other public broadcasters. She was born in Barcelona in 1974 and studied media sciences and philology in Spain and Germany.

Karin de Miguel is author of TV and radio features on social, environmental and media topics. Since 2008 she has worked as (Co-)Author and Researcher for the documentary film production company Thurnfilm in Cologne and has cooperated with Valentin Thurn in the cinema documentary „TASTE THE WASTE“ and the TV documentary „Innocent behind bars“ among others. more...



Susanne Blech

Since 2012 freelancer for THURNFILM.



Dr Britta Julia Dombrowe

2006 to 2007 Internship at at the firm Thurnfilm in Cologne. more...