Andreas Kühn - Innocent in prison

From Valentin Thurn and Karin de Miguel

Premier broadcast on ARD TV :26th October 2009 10 p.m.

Andreas Kühn has been imprisoned for 9 years. Now his case is beeing revisioned.

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Ralf and Andrea with their child Inge

The Third Sex

Her case went around the globe: The South African runner Caster Semenaya, winner of a gold medal at the world championship in Berlin, is not a “normal” woman, she is intersexual.

That means she has male as well as female reproduction organs. The reasons are versatile.In Germany, there are 80.000 people, who are intersexual.

Inge, 5 years old, grows up as a girl, even though she has a male chromosome set. Her parents decided against an operation that chooses one of the sexes up until now. Christiane Völling didn’t wasn’t so lucky. She grew up as a boy, when, at the age of 46, she learned that she used to have female biology parts. In 2008 she successfully sued the doctor who removed her female sex organ without informing her.


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