Less is more. The Limits to Growth and the Better Life

A film by Karin de Miguel Wessendorf, length: 52 minutes

Premiere broadcast: ARTE TV, October 1st, 2013 8:15 p.m.

Is there prosperity without economic growth? Throughout Europe, the film searches for examples showing the way towards a post-growth economy. Filmmaker Karin de Miguel Wessendorf wants to find out how sustainable her own life style is. We accompany the author on a trip through Europe. She searches answers to the questions: „What I must change, so that my life style is sustainable? And what can I renounce without loss of quality of life?“ she visits people, initiatives and enterprises that have recognised that economic growth cannot be the measure of all things.

52 minutes, director and Author: Karin de Miguel-Wessendorf. A production for ARTE, 2013, HD. (German, French)