"Oh, Those Beckers"
A family in the limelight

Length: 30 minutes (ARTE, 14 March 2004)
For Ben and Meret Becker, acting was quasi a birthright. Both mother and father are actors, even their stepfather, Otto Sander. Yet it’s not easy to develop a profile of one’s own standing in the shadow of larger-than-life parents. Valentin Thurn observed Ben and Meret during film shootings and concerts. He portrays how brother and sister achieved their goals of an artistic personality of their own via different paths. Now a third generation is getting ready to make its start: Ben’s daughter Lilith and Meret’s daughter Lulu were along during the filming. They moved around the sets just like the grown-up stars, the same way Ben and Meret used to when they accompanied their parents on a shoot.

Video (approx. 5 mn(German))

A film by Valentin Thurn
Camera: Boris Fromageot
Sound: Thomas Hirschmann
Editor: Katja Tornow
Executive Producer: Olaf Grunert
A production by BITCOM International Rainer Regensburger, commissioned by ZDF in co-operation with ARTE