„Not with my daughter!“ -
Female Genital Circumcision in Europe

Length: 41 minutes (ARTE, 6 Feb. 2007, 8:40 p.m.)

Immigration brought the circumcision of women from Africa to Europe. But more and more black women are making the decision: “Not to my daughter!” Three women from England, Germany and France tell about the day they were circumcised, about the problems they have urinating and the pains of menstruation, their fear of sexual intercourse and giving birth. Yet there is hope: Dr Pierre Foldes from Paris developed a technology with which he is able to reconstruct the clitoris.    

Trailer (ca. 3 mn) english

Video (ca. 10 mn)

Screenplay and Director:A Film by Valentin Thurn
Collaboration:Britta Dombrowe, Kadriye Acar, Ilka Schulz, Claire Laborey
Camera: Susan Gluth
Sound: Susanne Lukas
Editor: Dorothee Plass
English translation: Leigh Hoch
Executive Producer: Reinhart Lohmann
A production of Valentin Thurn commissioned by ZDF in co-operation with ARTE

Further information: ARTE (German)
Programminfo ARTE
World distribution: Telepool

“... It would be easy to morally judge those living as immigrants in European countries who continue to carry out this barbaric custom, even in violation of prevailing laws. Yet the film doesn’t make it that easy for itself. It also lets those speak out who take a positive stance, even towards their own mutilation ... As members of a different cultural sphere, the result is not going to be that one now approves of circumcising girls, or to tolerate that this is being done, even in our own countries. But what does happen is that those who defend this are now going to be met with respect. And a dialogue can first occur only when respect exists.” (from the speech at the awards ceremony honouring the “Best Documentary”, 4th Filmfest Eberswalde, 2007)

Film festivals:
Gold Panda Awards 2007, International Sichuan TV Festival, China
E. Desmond Lee Africa World Festival 2007, St. Louis, USA and Lagos, Nigeria
Filmfest Eberswalde 2007, Germany (award for the “Best Documentary”)