The Lord of the Wolves –
A Wildlife Biologist in the Carpathian Mountains

Length: 45 minutes (ARTE, 23 Oct. 2000)
Christoph Promberger rescued two young wolves from a Romanian wolf farm and made sure that no one pulled the wool over their eyes. He explores the behaviour of tame cubs and presents them to eco-tourists who hardly ever catch sight of wolves in the wild. Which brings us precisely to the focus of Promberger’s interest.
During a special form of “battue” hunting he captures Timisch, a majestic she-wolf, and attaches a transmitter to her. Led on by the wildlife biologists’ direction-finding antenna, cameraman Markus Zeugin documents the lives of wolves in the Carpathian Mountains. He is the first person to manage to get footage of how European wolves living in the wild are raised. Today blocks of residential housing stand in what was their traditional hunting territory. Timisch makes her way through the streets in the dawn twilight, and even brown bears enter the town of Brasov itself to plunder the rubbish containers and dumpsters. In Germany panic would have broken out long ago, but the Romanians don’t let themselves be annoyed by the spectacle. Which enables Christoph Promberger, the “Lord of the Wolves”, to conduct his research projects in peace. They are intended to save this species in danger of becoming extinct.

Video (approx. 5 mn(German))

Video (approx. 5 mn(english))

Screenplay and director: Valentin Thurn
Camera: Markus Zeugin
Editor: Roman Schön
Narrator: Joachim Höppner
Executive Producer: Jürgen Bundy
We thank ICAS, the Romanian Forest Research Institute, and the Wildbiologische Gesellschaft München (‘Wildlife Biological Society Munich’)