No one was allowed in on the Sabbath –
The Jewish Quarter in Haigerloch

Length: 30 minutes (SWR, 4 Nov. 2000)
The “Haag” is unique in Germany: A Jewish quarter that has remained coherent and completely intact. Around a third of the residents of Haigerloch, a small Hohenzoller town, were Jews. Not all of them lived in the ghetto, but most did. The synagogue right in the centre, smashed to bits by the SS in 1938 during the “Reichskristallnacht”, currently in use as a carpet warehouse. These days the community is converting it into a museum. Valentin Thurn met with Jews from Haigerloch who emigrated to America during the Third Reich, as well as with Christians from Haigerloch who still recall their Jewish neighbours.

Screenplay and director: Valentin Thurn
Camera: Andreas Schäfauer, Wolfram Hahn, Florian Kostrakiewitsch
Editor: Barbara Brückner
Sound: Kurt Feuerbacher, Felix Kolb, Eva Gensch
Narrator: Patrick Blank
Executive Producer: Monika Buscher
Management: Veit Lennartz
We thank the project group
Prof. Utz Jeggle, Ludwig-Uhland-Institute Tübingen
Foto Weber, Haigerloch
Klaus Schubert
Helmut Gabeli